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School Indicators Profiles SIG  Sessions/Presentations/Papers

AERA Annual Meetings
San Diego, CA 1998

Recent Developments in School Effectiveness Indicators and Use of Indicators 

SIG/School Indicators and Profiles; SIG/School Effectiveness and School Improvement

Chair: Rolf K. Blank, CCSSO  
Discussant: Ramsay W. Selden, Education Statistical Services Institute/AIR


School Profiles and Indicators Membership Meeting and Panel Discussion on Improving K-12 Indicators 

SIG/School Indicators and Profiles

Chair: Linda Crone-Koshel, The Education Alliance
Moderator: Rolf K. Blank, CCSSO

Panel Discussion:  Improving K-12 Education Indicators for School Profiles and District and State Reports

  • Student Achievement. Jeff Beaudry, University of Southern Maine

  • School Climate. Doug Willms, University of New Brunswick

  • Teacher Preparation. Peter Prowda, Connecticut DOE

  • School Effectiveness Index. Bobby Franklin, Louisiana DOE

  • Student Achievement Reporting. Jennifer Manise, CCSSO

The Conditions and Climates of Effective Schools 

SIG/School Climate; SIG/School Effectiveness and School Improvement; SIG/School Indicators and Profiles--Paper Presentations

Chair: Cletus Bulach, West Georgia College
Discussant: Linda Crone-Koshel, The Education Alliance


  • Conditions Under Which School-Based Management Influences Teaching and Learning. Kenneth Leithwood, OISE

  • Factors Affecting Teacher Flexibility Toward Educational Reform. Don C. Adams, Bucknell University

  • A Case Study of the Louisiana School Effectiveness and Assistance Program (SEAP). Deborah S. Heroman, Sharon Pol, Charles Teddlie, Robin Jarvis, Lysah Kemper, Louisiana State University

  • Instructional Leadership in Middle Schools: A Shared or Solitary Phenomenon. Robin G. Jarvis, Charles Teddlie, Louisiana State University

  • Alcohol Use Among Rural Adolescents: School as a Moderator of Individual Psychobehavioral Risk. Gary G. Huang, Synectics, Inc.

New Developments in Use of Assessments and Indicators 

SIG/School Profiles and Indicators; SIG/School Effectiveness and School Improvement--Roundtables

Roundtable Topics/Papers:

Integrating School Indicators, School Effectiveness, and School Improvement Research--The Louisiana School Effectiveness Program (SEAP)

SIG/School Indicators and Profiles; SIG/School Effectiveness and School Improvement

Chair: Charles Teddlie, Louisiana State University
Discussant: Carol Taylor Fitz-Gibbon, University of Durham, U.K.