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School Indicators Profiles SIG  Sessions/Presentations/Papers

AERA Annual Meetings
Chicago, Il, 1997

State and School Reports on Education Indicators: How Are They Developed? What Are Recent Improvements?

SIG/School Indicators and Profiles; SIG/School Effectiveness--Paper Presentations

Chair: Rolf K. Blank, CCSSO 
Discussant:  Margaret Goertz, Consortium for Policy Research in Education (CPRE)


  • Putting Indicator Data Into Context: Connecticut's Education Reference Group. Peter M. Prowda, Connecticut ED

  • Constructing the State and School District Indicators in Maine: Process, Product, and Policy. Jeffrey S. Beaudry, David Silvernail, Terry McCabe, University of Southern Maine

  • Teacher Retention as an Indicator: Useful or Not? Bobby J. Franklin, Louisiana ED; Catherine H. Glascock, Ohio University; John A. Freeman, Louisiana ED

  • What Parents, School Board Members, Administrators, Teachers, or the Texas State Department of Education Should Know About the Texas School District Report Cards. Gordon C. Bobbett, Educational Consultant/Researcher; R. L. French, University of Tennessee, Knoxville; C. M. Achilles, Eastern Michigan University; Dorothy Wayne, North Dakota State University

Current Issues in Development and Use of School Indicators and Profiles 

SIG/School Indicators and Profiles--Symposium and Membership Meeting

Guest Speaker: 

The Role of Indicators in Moving Toward an Accountable Educational System. James Cibulka, University of Maryland


  • Recent Developments in Annual School Performance Reporting in New South Wales, Australia. Timothy J. Wyatt, New South Wales Education Department

  • What Do We Know About Education Indicators in State Reports? Barbara S. Clements, Rolf K. Blank, CCSSO

Business Meeting 

Linda Crone, Chair, West Virginia Education Fund