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School Indicators Profiles SIG  Sessions/Presentations/Papers

AERA Annual Meetings
New York, NY, 1996

Indicators for School Accountability

52.56 SIG/School Indicators and Profiles-Paper Presentation

Chair: Diane Greene, Mississippi State University 
Discussant:  Lee Hoffman, NCES


  • An Update to a National Survey of 50 State Departments of Education/Educational Indicators Systems/Reports. Catherine Glascock, Bobby Franklin, Louisiana ED

  • Using Technology to Improve Graduate Follow-Up Research. Jerry P. Litzenberger, Puget Sound Educational Service District; Renny Greenmun, Educational Services

  • Dropout Indicators for School Accountability: A Search for Accuracy and Equity. Elizabeth J. Weed, Lynn Mellor, Texas Education Agency

  • Development of a Policy-Relevant Classification System for School Districts. Martha P. Musser, New York State ED.

  • Design Issues and Strategies for Producing School Profiles on PCs. Charles N. Dulaney, Wake County Public Schools.

  • Arkansas School District Report Cards: An Analysis of the Items That Impact Student Outcome. Gordon C. Bobbett, Russell L. French, University of Tennessee; C.M. Achilles, Eastern Michigan University; Nan C. Bobbett, Consultant

The Use of Indicators in Developing Countries 

SIG/School Indicators and Profiles--Presentation and Membership Meeting

Guest Speaker: 

The Use of Indicators in Developing Countries. J. Douglas Willms, University of New Brunswick

Business Meeting 

Bobby Franklin, Chair, Louisiana ED
Linda J. Crone, Program Chair, Mississippi State University
Oona M. Cheung, Secretary, CCSSO