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Professional Services Group: Workshops and Training Programs

Whether you're in a leadership position with students, teachers, or districts, Learning Point Associates' workshops and training programs build your capacity to improve your educational practice. Expert facilitators help you expand your knowledge and present new approaches that will enhance your opportunities for professional growth and system success. And that means your students will be the biggest winners of all.

Working with and through our partners, our offerings cover the following topics:

Data Analysis and Data-Driven Decision Processes

  • Data Retreats
    Learning Point Associates' two-day Data Retreats provide school leadership teams a unique opportunity to analyze and uncover patterns in their school's data.

Technology Assessment and Integration

  • enGauge® Professional Development
    The enGauge® Professional Development Program for school and district leadership teams consists of two 2-day sessions devoted to the effective implementation of technology.

  • Learning With Technology
    Learning With Technology is a two-day workshop that enables Grades K–12 teachers to learn how to integrate technology into classroom instruction in positive ways.

Lesson Study

  • Teacher to Teacher Lesson Study
    Learning Point Associates' Teacher to Teacher sessions include a complementary facilitator's guide and video titled Teacher to Teacher: Reshaping Instruction Through Lesson Study. The sessions equip teacher leaders and professional developers to facilitate Lesson Study—the prime teacher professional development model in Japan—for practical use in American schools.

Literacy Professional Development

  • Advanced Elements of Reading—Go beyond the basics of phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension, and take a more in-depth look at these areas for greater student achievement.
  • Advancing Struggling Readers—Focus on teaching techniques to improve reading for struggling readers such as at-risk students, English-language learners, and students with disabilities.
  • Support for Coaches—Develop skills for working with adult learners, building effective teams geared toward systemic reform, approaches for successful experiences with both group coaching and one to one coaching.
  • Using Reading Assessment to Drive Improvement—Learn to use assessments and curriculum to help plan and drive instruction in the areas most in need of improvement.

After-School Programming

  • After-School Services
    After-School Services offers tools and ideas for staff to improve the quality of after-school programs.


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