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The North Central Regional Educational Laboratory (NCREL®), a subsidiary of Learning Point Associates, offers a variety of free and for-fee products that relate specifically to professional development.

  • NCREL's professional development toolkit, Professional Development: Learning From the Best, is based on the professional development strategies of 20 award-winning schools and districts nationwide.

  • The Blueprints CD-ROM and Blueprints Web site are practical planning tools for professional developers in curriculum, instruction, and assessment. The North Central Eisenhower Mathematics and Science Consortium (NCEMSC) and the Eisenhower National Clearinghouse developed Blueprints to support effective professional development opportunities for teachers.

  • Notes & Reflections is a Web-based newsletter for professional development providers. It offers practical information—ideas, strategies, tools, and resources—about topics of special interest to professional developers who are working to improve school performance.

  • Beyond the Bell®: A Toolkit for Creating Effective After-School Programs (Second Edition) is a highly practical and easy-to-use toolkit filled with important information for anyone working in a school-based after-school program. It is designed around key decision points in six areas: management, collaboration, programming, linkages with the traditional school day, evaluation, and communication. This new edition of Beyond the Bell contains 21 new tools to help staff work faster and smarter (see the table of contents). All 51 tools are available on the companion CD-ROM, which is included. The tools are offered in both PDF and Word format so that they can be easily revised to meet any program's specific needs. Available for $19.95 plus shipping and handling through the NCREL Product Catalog.

  • Beyond the Bell®: Linkages video
    This 48-minute video, produced by NCREL in partnership with WGBH Educational Programming, was designed to raise questions and stimulate discussion about linkages between after-school programming and the regular school day. The video visits four schools (two elementary and two middle schools) in 15-minute segments, highlighting the ways successful linkages can enhance the total school experience. A companion training guide containing three training sessions is packaged with the video and also is part of a supporting Web site. The video can be watched in its entirety or in 15-minute segments. It can be used as professional development to improve linkages in an existing after-school program, or as a tool to facilitate discussions about after-school programs in your community. Available for $19.95 plus shipping and handling through the NCREL Product Catalog.


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