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Professional Services Group: Customized Services

Improving schools is your top priority. Raising student achievement, enhancing teachers' instructional practices, and refining the way your organization operates are all fundamental to attaining your goals. That's why the John Edward Porter Professional Development Center has pioneered professional development methods that will help you tap into your true potential.

The Porter Center is committed to improving student learning by helping educators meet state standards and federal requirements. Our staff and consultants customize services to address the specific needs of each of our clients.

The Porter Center team will partner with your organization to:

  • Build leadership among staff members.

  • Provide expertise in the effective design and implementation of well-integrated and aligned professional development plans.

  • Evaluate the impact of professional development on students, teachers, and the organization.

  • Sustain professional growth.

  • Use research-based products and services.

For an in-depth consultation about how the Porter Center can customize services to build your capacity and sustain professional development, call 800-356-2735.


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