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Education Recovery and Reinvestment Center

District and Local Resources 

What are the appropriate uses for various the stimulus funding?

Frequently Asked Questions Adobe PDF Icon —This list of frequently asked questions will help answer questions about the various streams of funding and guidance provided by the Department of Education.

Leveraging Stimulus Funds for Lasting Change Webinar—In April, Learning Point Associates hosted a webinar on the stimulus funds. This event featured a very informative conversation on policy enriched with on-the-ground ideas from superintendents. The webcast is posted in video and PDF formats and supporting materials are provided.

Fund Finder—Using this tool, a district can see an estimate of the district's allocations for Title I, Part A, under ARRA. In addition, the tool provides your state's recently released allocations for ESEA Title I Grants to LEAs, IDEA Parts B and C, Rehabilitation Act State Grants, Independent Living State Grants, and Services for Older Individuals Who Are Blind.

Innovation Fund Information for Districts Adobe PDF Icon—This document provides an overview of the Innovation Fund for Districts. The document will be updated as information about this new source of funding becomes available.

Guidance Documents—Click here for direct links to the Department of Education guidance on the various funding streams of ARRA.

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