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Education Recovery and Reinvestment Center

District and Local Resources

District Services

Learning Point Associates has a variety of tools and services that enable districts make school and district improvements in education under the goals of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA).


Collaborative Improvement Planning and Consulting Services Adobe PDF IconLearning Point Associates offers collaborative improvement and consulting services customized to meet the needs of districts and schools. We do not walk in with the answers in hand, we do not sell a product, and we do not apply a one-size-fits-all solution. We bring our expertise in research, policy, and practice along with our collaborative work style to develop improvement plans and solve real problems with our clients, not for our clients. Together, we create a framework for continued improvement.

Managing Educator Talent Adobe PDF IconDistricts and schools must keep successful teachers in their classroom and skilled leaders at the helm. We at Learning Point Associates apply our national recognized expertise in issues related to educator quality with our 25 years of experience in research, evaluation, and direct practice to find solutions to the challenges of educator shortages, attrition, and quality.

District and School Improvement Audits Adobe PDF IconTo improve student achievement, school districts need (1) high-quality information, (2) guidance on how to use that information to achieve reform, and (3) situation-specific improvement plans that are embraced by parents, community leaders, and school and district officials. Learning Point Associates delivers district improvement audits that bring these missing pieces to schools and districts across the country to produce districtwide improvement plans that improve student achievement. We have extensive audit experience in districts across the United States, as well as a U.S. territory, including districts with a large percentage of English language learners (ELLs) and students from low-income families.

Data WorkshopsLearning Point Associates provides two-day workshops that enable school leadership teams to build a foundation based on using research and data to drive school improvement decisions. During the workshops, teams engage in the analysis and interpretation of their own data and translate the findings into specific, measurable improvement goals to enhance school improvement planning, promote student learning, and improve achievement.

Using Data for Improvement Adobe PDF IconSchools, districts, and state education agencies collect a great variety of data on student demographics and achievement. Interpreting these data correctly and understanding their power are essential elements in using the information to drive targeted, thoughtful improvements.

Surveys of Enacted CurriculumThe Surveys of Enacted Curriculum (SEC) are powerful tools that allow administrators to analyze, measure, and refine what is taught in the classroom. Designed for K–12 teachers, it provides a process for measuring the following:
  • What is being taught to students
  • How it is being taught
  • What students are expected to know and be able to do at the end of the lessons

Learning Point Associates offers a variety of professional development workshops designed to complement the Surveys of Enacted Curriculum.

Curriculum Alignment Adobe PDF Icon—Districts are facing increasingly complex demands. More districts are considering how to better meet the needs of all students. Learning Point Associates has resources districts need to address these demands. A well-aligned curriculum can improve student performance on standardized tests and foster collaboration and communication among teachers. Our Curriculum Alignment process is customized to meet the needs of your district.

Additional Resources

The School Reform and Improvement Database contains research on school finance models, optimal resource allocation for school improvement, whole district reform, and teacher retention strategies.

Informational Webinars

  • Leveraging Stimulus Funds—In April, Learning Point Associates hosted a webinar on the stimulus funds. This event featured a very informative conversation on policy enriched with on-the-ground ideas from superintendents.
  • Lasting Change and Central Office Reform—The hour-long webcast is part of a series focused on stimulating change to create an education system that works for all learners. The webcast features Superintendent of the Year Beverly Hall with national experts and a documentary showcasing the successes of central office reform in the Atlanta Public Schools (APS).
  • Systems Thinking for Student Achievement—This one-hour interactive video webcast presents how Superintendent Mike Miles did the following in two Colorado school districts: (1) applied a model of systems thinking to raise student achievement, (2) trained educational staff at all levels of a district to think and act systemically, and (3) employed a rubric in a systemic coaching cycle to diagnose system dysfunction.

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