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Education Recovery and Reinvestment Center

Learning Point Associates Services:
Program Evaluation

Although not technically an SFSF assurance, program evaluation is central to successfully applying for and implementing ARRA-funded projects.

Learning Point Associates conducts methodologically rigorous impact evaluations and policy implementation research studies. Based on our studies, states and districts can assess how well specific programs and policies are accomplishing their intended goals, gauge impact, and take action based on solid evidence.

We work with states and districts at the very start of the evaluation process to articulate the purposes, objectives, and questions to address. We utilize experimental, quasi-experimental, and multiple case study designs for rigorous, trustworthy data collection.

We communicate frequently with clients during the course of the project and present the findings and recommendations in an understandable and actionable format so clients have the information they need to make positive changes.

Learning Point Associates will:

  • Develop an evaluation plan at the beginning of the project.
  • Include formative and summative components.
  • Evaluate both the entire plan and specific interventions.
  • Use data to refine the process.

For more information, contact us by e-mail or telephone (800-356-2735).



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