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Education Recovery and Reinvestment Center

District and Local Resources

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Letter To Districts

Learning Point Associates is energized by ARRA, and our goal is to provide our constituents with as much good and credible information as we can so that you can navigate the complexity, innovate for success, and have access to your colleagues and peers who are doing good work or need your help to think through the tough decisions.

The creation of the Education Recovery and Reinvestment Center on our website is our first step to providing that help. The site consolidates and organizes materials into categories that reflect federal, state, and local interests. Right now, we see few resources available to districts and localities that both address your specific questions and challenges and also identify resources and data that help you plan for the new opportunities. Innovation is the overarching characteristic of this legislation, and we understand how complicated it can be to move to action without knowledgeable partners and signposts to best practice and research.

Over the next few weeks, we will be doing our homework daily so that you can find more of what you need to move forward. We will provide clear and practical summaries of what is happening at the federal and state level. And we will link you to resources that will help you make the critical choices ahead. Some of our most respected and credible partner organizations have agreed to let us link you to all their good work that directly relates to the decisions you will implement over the next two years.

This site will be updated twice a week, so be sure to check back regularly.

Even more important: Please let us know how we are doing. Are we on target? Is this the right information you need? At the right level of detail? What are we missing? If you have a specific challenge or question, we will do our best to provide an answer or to direct you to someone who knows more about that topic than we may. You can email me at or submit your question directly on the website.

We look forward to being part of the emerging excellence in our education system. Working together, we can make it happen.

Jessica Johnson
Chief Program Officer
District and School Services

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