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The Project

Learning Point Associates has created the Academic Enrichment Project to help establish a framework for afterschool programs to plan their activities with intentionality. The project encourages program staff to incorporate high-quality components in their activities and to articulate the reasoning behind the activities they use. Designing activities with intentionality creates better, more focused programs for children, and allows program staff to explain the value of the activities more fully to parents, administrators, and others.

On this Web site you will find information on the components of high-quality activities and ideas for incorporating them into your afterschool program. You will also see examples of high-quality activities that other programs are using. These activities can be used to spark your thinking to create new activities or to draw out the high-quality components in activities you are already doing.

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Train Your Staff to Design High-Quality Academic Enrichment Activities (Staff Development Tool)

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Charles Stewart Mott Foundation

The Academic Enrichment Project and this website are supported through the generosity of the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation.

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