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Dinosaur Dig-Out Week

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Hendrick School 21st Century - Dinosaur Dig-Out Week

Jesus Perez

1256 Broadway
El Centro, CA 92252

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Activity Description

The week is divided into four overarching activities‚ the last of which is broken down further into ten stations. These activities serve as the culminating projects for our literature unit on Fossils. During the course of a week‚ second-grade students will have the opportunity to participate in these afte school enrichment activities related to dinosaurs.
AFTER SCHOOL ACTIVITY #1 - Day 1: Exploring the Triassic Era. Students will travel back in time and identify dinosaurs from the Triassic Era through art projects.
AFTER SCHOOL ACTIVITY #2 - Day 2: Exploring the Jurassic Era. Students will construct hand puppets featuring dinosaurs from the Jurassic Era.
afterschool ACTIVITY #3 - Day 3: Exploring the Cretaceous Era. Students will adventure through the Cretaceous period through the use of literature and a multimedia presentation.
afterschool ACTIVITY #4 - Dinosaurs! Dinosaurs! Dinosaurs! The Carnival of Learning. Students will participate in a series of ten stations. Students will enjoy fun hands-on activities pertaining to dinosaurs.
Station #1 - Dinosaur Dig: Students will have a first hand experience digging up fossils. Students will excavate a sand pit searching for fossils. A geologist will supervise this activity.
Station #2 - Measurement: Students will get a sense of dinosaur dimensions by measuring various dinosaurs on the ground.
Station #3 - Reading Time: Students will enjoy fiction and nonfiction stories about dinosaurs.
Station #4 - Mural: Collectively students will draw a mural of a Diplodocus
Station #5 - Fossil Time: Students will sand cast plaster fossils.
Station #6 - Dino Tracks: Students will analyze different types of dinosaur tracks and determine what dinosaur it could be.
Station #7 - Dino Art: Students will design their own dinosaur.
Station #8 - Game Fun: Students will have an opportunity to test their dinosaur knowledge through Dino Bingo.
Station #9 - La‚La‚ La‚ La‚ La: Students will sing to their favorite rhymes dinosaur songs.
Station #10 - Puzzle Mania: Students will uncover the hidden dinosaurs in puzzles.

Number of Students Involved in This Activity: 100

Range of Student Ages: Seven to eight years old

Duration of Activity: One week

Relevant Contextual or Demographic Information: Yes—primarily hispanic population—low socio-economic status

Academic ContentWhat is the academic content of this activity? Literacy Math Science
These activities are directly tied to reading‚ math and science. Each activity addresses at least one of the core subject areas. These activities are extensions of our literature book: One of the themes in the second-grade literature is fossils. In the activities for Days 1‚ 2‚ and 3‚ students respond orally‚ through art‚ and through writing to information presented through literature. Hence‚ students comprehend‚ synthesize‚ analyze‚ and evaluate literature. Activity 4‚ station 3‚ emphasizes reading comprehension through shared reading experiences and read-alouds. Activity 4‚ station 9‚ is yet another example in which students use their rhyming skills to write dinosaur songs to known tunes. Mathematics is heavily addressed throughout these activities. Activities 1‚ 2‚ 3‚ and 4 present math in meaningful and fun ways. Students travel back in time through a time line. Probability and statistics are presented in the activities of digging fossils and Dino Bingo. Measurement is used when measuring the sizes of various dinosaurs. Students also use measurement to create a mural and analyze the dinosaur tracks. Students work with fractions to interpret notes in writing and singing their songs. Students use their knowledge of shapes to create a dinosaur and a puzzle. Science is an integral part of these activities. Students study the habitat of dinosaurs‚ their migration patterns‚ their evolutionary effect on modern animals‚ geological and geographical reasons for their extinction‚ and their impact on humans. Literature‚ mathematics‚ and science are fundamental components of our afterschool dinosaur program.

Strong RelationshipsHow does this activity create strong relationships?
It is amazing to observe the impact that these afterschool activities have in the students‚ among other students‚ and among family. Second grade students and their families are invited to participate in these activities. Staff and faculty provide their expertise and participate in these activities. Besides students‚ family‚ and school personnel‚ community members participate. "Experts" (geologists‚ contractors‚ computer gurus‚ etc.) share their knowledge with students and become active participants in these events.

Decision MakingWhat opportunities are there for authentic decision making?
First‚ students choose to participate in the activities. After school events are strictly voluntary and no student is obligated to attend. Students decide which activities to attend. Students create their own dinosaurs‚ their own puppets‚ their own songs‚ etc. Students decide which dinosaur sparks their interest and explore that dinosaur through the avenues we offer them.

Student LeadershipWhat student leadership opportunities are there?
Students may become leaders in these activities by volunteering to be the team leader. The 100 students are divided into teams of ten students. Each group decides what activities to attend and the captain is in charge of signing up‚ coordinating the schedules‚ and ensuring ease through each station. Furthermore‚ students that wish to further their knowledge of dinosaurs can become active in finding more information and presenting this information to students via a students' club.


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