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Don't Wait for 'Super-Teachers,' Restructure Schools to Use Teachers' Strengths
Sabrina Laine and Molly Lasagna, in this commentary in the October 1, 2010, edition of Catalyst Chicago, describe how to build a staffing model that allows teachers to flourish.


Panel: School Improvement Grants Bring Challenges
The September 30, 2010, edition of Education Daily describes our forum "Turning the Corner on School Improvement Grants: What's on the Horizon." Panelists discussed their experiences to date with implementing the federal School Improvement Grants.

Study Links Book Giveaways to Literacy Gains
Sarah Sparks' September 21, 2010, Inside School Research blog for Education Week reports on our meta-analytic review of children's book distribution programs. The review, written by Jim Lindsay, found that increasing children's access to print materials improves student achievement.

RIF Study: Access to Print Materials Helps Student Achievement
Carol H. Rasco, president and chief executive officer of Reading Is Fundamental Inc., describes our meta-analytic review of children's book distribution programs as a guest blogger for The Answer Sheet blog at The Washington Post on September 21, 2010. The review, written by Jim Lindsay, found that increasing children's access to print materials improves student achievement.

Experts: Peer Past Glitz of School Turnaround Market
Jessica Johnson and Dawn Dolby are quoted in a September 21, 2010, story in Education Daily with advice on how schools and districts in turnaround can work effectively with external providers.

In the News: Midwestern States Revamp Teacher Evaluations
Our report Managing Educator Talent: Promising Practices and Lessons From Midwestern States is cited in the September 17, 2010, "In the News" section of Catalyst Chicago. The report analyzed the state-level policies supporting effective teaching and found that issues relating to principal recruitment and retention are not receiving the same level of attention as issues relating to teacher evaluation.


Dig Into Failures to Build Foundation for School Improvement
Cary Cuiccio, senior portfolio manager for district and school improvement, is quoted in the July 29, 2010, article on on the importance of evaluating the implementation and outcomes of education programs in a district to understand why programs are working and to learn from failures.


Districts Use Research Practices to Evaluate Programs
Gina Burkhardt, CEO of Learning Point Associates, is quoted in the June 16, 2010 Education Daily story by Sarah Sparks on steps that districts can take to better capture data that provide a full and accurate picture of student needs and the impact of specific interventions.

The Education Gadfly Reviews The School Leadership Triangle
Daniela Fairchild and Stafford Palmieri call the three-point framework for creating the conditions that improve schools and districts "useful and pragmatic."

The Stock Market Game Teaches Kids Investing Basics
KUSA 9newsonline cites the Learning Point Associates study of The Stock Market Game in a story about Colorado students playing the game.


The School Leadership Triangle as Recommended Reading
The May 2010 issue of District Administration highlighted The School Leadership Triangle on its recommended reading list for district administrators.

Defining 'Job Embedded' Professional Development
The May 7, 2010 Education Week Teacher Beat blog by Stephen Sawchuk notes that the new report Adobe PDF Icon from the TQ Center, the Mid-Atlantic Comprehensive Center, and the National Staff Development Council describes what job-embedded professional development looks like and how it can be supported by schools and districts.


Surveys Show Not All Teachers Oppose Use of Test Scores to Rate Teaching
In the April 14, 2010 Catalyst Notebook, Ellen Behrstock and Jane Coggshall describe the highlights of the Retaining Teacher Talent research.


Teacher Surveys Aimed at Swaying Policymakers
Education Week's March 31, 2010, online edition discusses how policymakers are considering teachers' perspectives in improving working conditions and promoting effectiveness. Our Retaining Teacher Talent study is cited. Sabrina Laine is quoted on the importance of considering principal performance.


Scoring Points in Teaching Finance
Education Week's February 3, 2010, print edition discusses how trial-and-error games engage and teach students and cites the Learning Point Associates study of The Stock Market Game.

How teachers and unions feel about turnaround
Teachers often are the targets of turnaround strategies, but in some schools, teachers and unions have taken the lead. Jessica Johnson, chief program officer, District and School improvement, is quoted in the February 2010 edition of The Notebook, an online independent voice for parents, educators, students, and friends of the Philadelphia Public Schools.

Study: Teachers' Attitudes Don't Match Reform Ideas: Class Size, Student Discipline Are Major Teacher Concerns
Findings from the Learning Point Associates report, Convergence and Contradictions in Teachers' Perceptions of Policy Reform Ideas, are presented in Education Daily's February 2, 2010, edition.


Report: Teachers and Policymakers Differ on Effectiveness Measures
Teacher Magazine's January 27, 2010, edition reports the results of the nationwide survey of teachers conducted by Learning Point Associates and Public Agenda.

Speaking of timely: Study says teachers "left out" of policy debates
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution's "Get Schooled" blog on January 26, 2010, mentions the nationwide survey of teachers conducted by Learning Point Associates and Public Agenda.



Review Backs New Tool for Principal Evaluation. Learning Point’s review of principal performance instruments is discussed in Education Week’s December 22, 2009, online edition.


Games Evolve as Tools for Teaching Financial Literacy. Learning Point’s study of The Stock Market Game™ is discussed in Education Week’s November 16, 2009, online edition.

Trend Tracker: Teaching’s Generation Gap. Results of a study of Generation Y teachers, released by Learning Point Associates and Public Agenda, are reported in Teacher Magazine on November 16, 2009.

Survey Finds 'Gen Y' Teachers Open to Merit Pay. Results of a study of Generation Y teachers, released by Learning Point Associates and Public Agenda, are reported in Education Week’s November 9, 2009, online edition.


Teaching for a Living: How Teachers See the Profession Today, a study by Public Agenda based on research that Learning Point Associates provided, was summarized and discussed in Education Week's "State of Mind" column for October 19, 2009.

Education Dept. Contract to Launch Resource Center on Charter Schools  in Education Week's October 28, 2009, print issue reports the U.S. Department of Education's award of a five-year contract to Learning Point Associates to conduct research on charter schools and create a National Charter School Resource Center.


The Stock Market Gameā„¢ Study

"Financial Literacy" column, Education Week, September 23, 2009
"Programs Bolster Schools' Efforts in Financial Literacy," The Kansas City Star, September 8, 2009


Toward the Structural Transformation of Schools: Innovations in Staffing

report apears in Education Week's Inside School Research online blog:
August 25, 2009


Robert Stonehill in Education Week

Education Week
February 4, 2009


Jessica Johnson KNPR's State of Nevada

January 21, 2009



Gina Burkhardt in Education Week

Education Week
October 29, 2008 (Adobe Acrobat PDF icon Adobe® Reader® PDF 3 MB)


Partnership for 21st Century Skills Elects Kuni, Hurley to Board
THE Journal
September 4, 2008

Teachers Challenge: Diverse 21st Century Class
September 2, 2008,0,3154983.story


District Support Remains a Concern for Aspiring Principals
Education Daily
August 26, 2008

Coulter Joins Teacher Quality Center
Education Daily
August 17, 2008

Taking the Fear Out of the First Year
ASCD Education Update
August 2008


Teacher Salaries: Performance-Based, Incentive System for Educators
The Salt Lake Tribune
June 16, 2008

Steep Climb to NCLB Goal for 23 States
Education Week
June 4, 2008

What Do Gen Y Teachers Want?
Scholastic Administr@tor Magazine
June 2008


Legislators Consider Teacher Performance Pay
May 23, 2008

North Dakota First State to Attain HQT Goal
Education Daily
May 23, 2008

New Teachers: "I wasn't prepared for the challenges of teaching in a diverse classroom."
Hispanic Vision Forum
May 22, 2008

Newsflash: Teachers Want Smaller Class Sizes
Flypaper (The Education Gadfly blog)
May 22, 2008

New Teachers Say They Are Ill Prepared for Classroom Diversity and Special-Needs Students
The Chronicle of Higher Education
May 21, 2008

Education Researcher Takes Broad View: Ground-Level Research Key to Large-Scale Reform, ED Official Says
Education Daily
May 16, 2008

Experts: Data Often Not in Tune With Real World
Education Daily
May 14, 2008


Metro Struggles With Education Law: Schools Hope Results Avert State Takeover
The Tennessean
April 27, 2008

Report: Teacher Effectiveness Shapes School Improvement
Education Daily
April 9, 2008
Virtual Schools Have Place in Reform Discussion


Indiana Chamber of Commerce (blog)
March 24, 2008

The Week Ahead
Education Daily
March 10, 2008

Pleasant Valley Plans to Open Cyber Academy
The Pocono Record ( Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania)
March 8, 2008

The Reality of Virtual Schools: Much About Online Education Can Be Learned in Homes
Appleton Post-Crescent ( Wisconsin)
March 2, 2008


Advocacy Group's FWCS Reports Get Mixed Reviews: They Urge District Officials to Stop Blaming Demographics
The News-Sentinel ( Fort Wayne, Indiana)
February 8, 2008


How to Fix: Education
January 14, 2008

States Earn Low Marks on Teacher Quality Efforts
Education Daily
January 10, 2008

Use Surveys, Trial Runs to Gauge Data-Use Strengths, Shortfalls
What Works: Data-Driven Decision-Making in the Schools
January 2008

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