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Learning Point Associates and its business units—the Professional Services Group; the Evaluation & Policy Research Group; and the Research & Development Group, which includes the North Central Regional Educational Laboratory (NCREL®), a wholly owned subsidiary of Learning Point Associates—participate at conferences and events throughout the year. Listed below are links to Web sites of upcoming conferences and events where you can meet our subject matter experts and learn more about our available resources and services.

Date Conference Location Presenter

Oct. 19–22, 2004

2004 National Rural Education Association Annual Convention

Indianapolis, IN

Gil Valdez and Jim Sweet

Nov. 11–13, 2004

2004 National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Regional Conference and Expo

Minneapolis, MN

Barb Youngren and Gary Appel

Dec. 4–7, 2004

2004 TIES Education Technology Conference

Minneapolis, MN

Jim Sweet, Matt Dawson, and Nicole Wimmer

Dec. 4–8, 2004

2004 National Staff Development Council Annual Conference

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Claudette Rasmussen and Virgin Islands coaches will be facilitating roundtable discussions.

Jan. 27–29, 2005

2005 Florida Educational Technology Conference

Orlando, FL

Jim Sweet and Nicole Wimmer

Feb. 17–20, 2005

2005 American Association of School Administrators National Conference on Education

San Antonio, TX

Arie van der Ploeg will be presenting on Surveys of Enacted Curriculum.

Mar. 9–10, 2005

2005 NCREL Annual Conference

Naperville, IL

Presentations on technology, data, literacy, and math/science.

Apr. 2–4, 2005

2005 Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development Annual Conference

Orlando, FL

Claudette Rasmussen and Sheryl Poggi will be copresenting with Noreen Michael, Ph.D, the U. S. Virgin Islands Commissioner of Education. Jim Sweet, Matt Dawson, and Nicole Wimmer will copresent with Lynn Nolan of ISTE.

Apr. 4–6, 2005

2005 National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics Annual Meeting

Anaheim, CA

Nancy Berkas and Cyntha Pattison

Apr. 11–15, 2005

2005 American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting

Montreal, QC, Canada


Apr. 16–19, 2005

2005 National School Boards Association Annual Conference

San Diego, CA

Bryan Chumbley

June 27–30, 2005

2005 National Educational Computing Conference (from the International Society for Technology in Education)

Philadelphia, PA


Nov. 30–Dec. 3, 2005

2005 Association of Educational Service Agencies Annual Conference

Savannah, GA




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