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1984 –1990  |  1991–1995   |  1996–2000  |  2001–Present

Following a successful recompetition, NCREL was awarded its second OERI contract in December of 1990, right on the heels of winning a grant to operate the Midwest Regional Center for Drug-Free Schools and Communities (Midwest Regional Center—MRC). MRC served 10 states until federal funding for the program ceased in 1996. In 1992, NCREL received a grant to establish the Midwest Consortium for Mathematics and Science Education (currently called the North Central Eisenhower Mathematics and Science Consortium—NCEMSC).

Continuing under Jeri Nowakowski's leadership, NCREL focused its work in the areas of curriculum, instruction, and assessment; rural education; urban education; professional development; collaboration; early childhood education; and policy. Among the accomplishments during NCREL's second OERI contract are the following:

  • Produced and delivered 12 one-hour and four half-hour video programs designed for staff development.

  • Produced an interactive multimedia professional development resource and seven school development library videos.

  • Created and launched the award-winning Pathways to School Improvement Web site.

  • Produced a variety of products on early childhood education and parent involvement, and responses to 730 requests from the field on those topics.

  • Served urban educators with 12 cosponsored conferences, 10 monographs, five critical issues seminars, seven leadership academies, two audio journal products, one multicultural education product series, two newsletters for school leaders, three issues of City Schools magazine, and responded to 220 requests from the field on urban education.

  • Served rural educators with 10 editions of an audio journal, five topical information packages, three symposia, and technical assistance and evaluation planning.

  • Provided professional development products and services including 20 audio seminars, four Strategic Teaching and Reading Project (STRP) summer institutes, nine columns on a variety of topics for teacher publications, and responses to 2,500 requests for information.

  • Distributed nearly 20,000 copies of print, audio, and video materials in response to specific requests.

  • Created and maintained an in-house Resource Center to provide education information services to constituents and relevant research to program staff, catalogued more than 6,200 documents and books, and handled more than 700 constituent and staff requests annually for research services.

  • Hosted 50 policy seminars across the seven states and produced 17 issues of Policy Briefs for wide distribution.


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