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1984 –1990  |  1991–1995  | 1996 – 2000  |  2001– Present

The year 2001 brought about a shift in the political tide in Washington, D.C., when George W. Bush was elected to the presidency. NCREL was granted its fourth consecutive OERI contract and was again awarded the national leadership area of educational technology. Gregory Dennis replaced Mary Campbell as NCREL's program officer from OERI.

In 2002, the operation of OERI was transitioned to the Institute of Education Sciences (IES). The OERI contract became an IES contract.

NCREL fine-tuned its mission to improve the performance of all parts and levels of the K–12 educational system from the classroom to the state by making research-based knowledge useful to and usable by educators, policymakers, and the community; integrating research, policy, and practice around issues of transforming schools into high-performing learning communities; and providing regional and national leadership in applying technology to improve student learning.

NCREL through Learning Point Associates will strive to accomplish this mission by concentrating on the areas of using education data, literacy, educational technology, professional development, and policy analysis, among other key areas.


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