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Report Shows Evidence of Effective Strategies For Finding and Keeping Teachers

A Survey of Superintendents in the Midwest Demonstrates Where and How Effective Recruiting and Retaining Practices Are Being Used

June 20, 2001

Naperville, IL—In a study to be released this week, more than 2,400 Midwestern school superintendents, polled by the North Central Regional Educational Laboratory (NCREL), report that districts must devise proactive strategies to recruit and retain quality teachers.

The comprehensive report, co-authored by researchers at the Center for School Change at the University of Minnesota and Ohio University, outlines several strategies that are proving effective in schools. Among its findings, NCREL's Effective Teacher Recruitment and Retention Strategies in the Midwest: Who Is Making Use of Them? reveals that the location and wealth of school districts greatly impact the use of retention and recruitment strategies. In addition, the researchers found that some of the most effective strategies—such as maintaining smaller schools, recruiting new teachers from the community, and including teachers in school decision making—do not require significant new resources to implement. The report also includes recommendations for state and local policymakers.

"So many educators and policymakers are struggling with the issue of teacher quality," states NCREL's Sabrina Laine, associates director of the organization's Internal Coordination and External Relations (ICER). "This report gives them essential information for making research-based decisions related to getting and keeping quality teachers in the classroom."

Effective Teacher Recruitment and Retention Strategies in the Midwest is available online. Please contact Ann Kinder at (630) 649-6606 or ann.kinder@ncrel.org for more information.



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