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Technology Literacy



TechPOINT is a suite of tools that educators can use to measure their school or district's progress on technology goals and to make decisions about where to place technology resources. Based on the latest research on factors that impact student technology literacy and teacher technology integration, TechPOINT includes the following:

  • Online TechPOINT Proficiency Assessments can help determine the technology literacy levels of your students (Grades 5 and 8) and the level of educational technology professional development needed for teachers.
  • TechPOINT Surveys obtain teacher, administrator, and student attitudes towards technology and knowledge of available programs. Used in conjunction with the TechPOINT Proficiency Assessments, these surveys offer a complete picture of technology literacy, integration, and leadership in your district.
  • TechPOINT Professional Development helps teachers understand how to use technology to enhance teaching and learning. Teachers will also be introduced to methods of evaluating the impact of technology in the school and/or district. TechPOINT Professional Development is aligned with the National Staff Development Council's standards and features a combination of online and face-to-face modules.

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