Areas of Expertise


Evaluation and Policy Research
Evaluation Services

Evaluation Services

We provide either independent, stand-alone services or coordinated services that support strategy development and organizational objectives over time and according to your needs. These services include:

  • Evaluation for Planning: focus program planning through systematic assessment strategies
  • Implementation Evaluation: link program processes and outcomes through formative evaluation studies that monitor the progress of a program from design and development to deployment
  • Impact Evaluation: assess and evaluate the individual, team, or organizational impact of a given program
  • Policy Research: identify and assess education issues and priorities, and analyze effectiveness of policy development and implementation

To talk with one of our evaluation staff, call 800-252-0283 or contact us for an appointment.



21st CCLC Profile and Performance Information Collection System: Evaluation and data collection from the 21st Century Community Learning Centers, an afterschool program authorized by the No Child Left Behind


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