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Learning Point Associates is proud to announce the creation of the Assessment and Analytic Support Center. Designed to collect, analyze, and report education data in an effort to support sustained school improvement, this new center can help teachers and administrators collect, manage, synthesize, analyze, and interpret information about students and their academic achievement.

The center also has the capacity for conducting cross-sectional and longitudinal analysis using sophisticated statistical and psychometric methodologies as well as advanced data management and reporting technologies.

In addition to its analytic capacity, the center currently offers the following:

Content-Specific Item Banking
This type of longitudinal item analysis for the purpose of designing and warehousing valid and reliable items across multiple domains is available for a licensing fee. Districts, local education agencies, and state education agencies purchase user licenses to create surveys validated from previous studies conducted by Learning Point Associates. This central item repository allows users to create instruments resulting in comparable data points to previously validated studies.

To talk with one of our staff about the new center, call 800-252-0283 or contact us for an appointment.


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