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Evaluation Services

Client-centered evaluation provides a solid platform for formative and summative decision making.

Learning Point Associates conducts evaluations that help clients articulate the performance questions they want addressed and uses rigorous social science research methodologies to address them.

Our evaluations are appraisals of education system and component performance that are client centered, independent, objective, and nonpartisan. We provide solid support for decision making and action to federal, state, and local government agencies as well as businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Our rigorously designed evaluations include both randomized field experiments and quasi-experiments. We collect quantitative data using standardized and nonstandardized tests, extant databases, surveys, records abstractions, observations, and interviews. We also have a broad background in qualitative research methodologies designed to inform the quality and fidelity of implementation of a wide variety of educational initiatives.

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Learning Point Associates is proud to announce the creation of the Assessment and Analytic Support Center.


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