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From helping states determine the most effective to ways to attract, prepare, and retain highly qualified teachers to evaluating school and district approaches to recruitment and retention, Learning Point Associates can improve teacher and teaching quality at the national, state, district, and school level.

Chicago Public Schools (CPS)

This federally funded project seeks to attract, prepare, and retain highly qualified alternatively certified teachers with special emphasis on certification in high-need areas and placements in hard-to-staff schools. Learning Point Associates will evaluate the changes in the intake process through technology and new-teacher support will determine the project's effectiveness?

State of Iowa Teacher Quality Enhancement Grant
In partnership with the State of Iowa, Learning Point Associates is evaluating the implementation of a federally funded Teacher Quality Enhancement grant. By measuring interventions that promote improvements in the quality of new teachers through comprehensive statewide reform activities, Learning Point Associates will help the state determine if their implementation is successfully enhancing the teaching capacities of Iowa's future teachers.

Alternative Route to Certification (Joyce Foundation)
In cooperation with the University of Illinois and the Joyce Foundation, Learning Point Associates is working to compare the quality of early-career teachers from Alternative Route to Certification (ARC) programs with the quality of a matched sample of graduates of conventional teacher preparation programs in Chicago Public Schools. Comparative measures include standards-based classroom observations and gains in standardized student achievement scores over the course of two academic school years.

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