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Learning Point Associates offers a variety of professional development services to help educators be successful in aligning curriculum, using data to inform school improvement, and enhancing achievement through student-level data.

Through Train the Trainer, Face to Face Support Services, and Online School Support Services, Learning Point Associates offers the following:

New to Learning Point Associates are professional development workshops designed around the use of the Surveys of Enacted Curriculum:

  • Surveys of Enacted Curriculum Data Display and Interpretation
    This workshop is provided upon the completion of the SEC surveys. It introduces a process of viewing and interpreting results within the workspace provided in the tool. This space will display Instructional Content data (the data on what a teacher is teaching) and Instructional Practice data (the data on how a teacher is teaching) and why they are using certain practices). These sessions are usually half-day sessions but can be adapted depending on the need of those being trained.
  • Surveys of Enacted Curriculum Data Retreat
    This workshop leads educators through SEC data in a purposeful way. Related to our original Data Retreat, this session will help integrate the SEC data with other types of data available in the school or district. This will allow more informed goal and strategy setting to take place around school improvement with results that can lead to effective action planning.
  • Surveys of Enacted Curriculum Data Trainer
    This online tutorial will guide educators through using the SEC results workspace, collecting data and information, and interpreting the findings to support conversations around school improvement. These conversations can lead to a host of decisions like aligning instructional content to standards or targeting professional development for teachers.
  • Surveys of Enacted Curriculum Implementation—Online Training
    This online training can be used for either full orientation and training, or can be used as support or a refresher for those who have already completed the surveys. There are two versions: the first delves into the same topics as an orientation workshop and lasts the same length of time. It not only introduces concepts but also provides practice to make sure that the concepts are understood. The second version is approximately 20 minutes long and should be used to refresh returning teachers on the process or support a presentation to new users about the SEC surveys and process.
  • Surveys of Enacted Curriculum Implementation—Train the Trainer
    Our train-the-trainer session supports a large or small district group or can be scaled up for statewide execution of the SEC process. Designated trainers are trained with the intent that they will be able to train new and returning users on the processes surrounding successful SEC implementation, what it can do for educators, and how to prepare participants. The length of the sessions is determined by the need of those being trained.
  • Surveys of Enacted Curriculum Leadership Orientation
    This workshop informs and trains school administration and leadership on:
    • The processes and support for the SEC
    • What the SEC can do for all levels of educators
    • The purposes for using SEC data and
    • How to prepare future participants.
    These sessions are usually half-day sessions but can be adapted based on determined need of those being trained.
  • Surveys of Enacted Curriculum Teacher Orientation
    This workshop introduces teachers to the theory sustaining the SEC, the potential impact for all levels of educators, and how to prepare for, complete, and submit the surveys. This session encourages teachers to consider what cognitive expectations they bring to their instruction. We also facilitate discussions regarding the alignment of intended, enacted, and assessed curriculum. The length of these sessions can be adapted depending on determined need of those being trained.

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