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Measure Instruction

Using online surveys completed by teachers, Learning Point Associates offers administrators a research-based process to measure, analyze, and refine what is being taught in the classroom. Available for English/Language Arts and Reading, Mathematics, and Science, the SEC tools are designed for teachers in the K-12 arena.

Unlike basic curriculum mapping tools, The Surveys of Enacted Curriculum (SEC) provide a process for measuring what is being taught to students, how it is being taught, and what students are expected to know and be able to do with what they are taught.

This type of comparison and measurement lays the groundwork for communication among educators about teaching and learning, understanding student performance, and identifying education goals and solutions.

Analyze Data

This information is analyzed to:

  • Refine curriculum to align it with state standards and assessments
  • Evaluate the articulation of curricula across grade levels
  • Identify areas of need for professional development
  • Reflect the cognitive levels of current instructions
  • Evaluate coverage of standards in the content of textbooks and other instructional materials
  • Refine or evaluate local assessment
  • Encourage collaboration among all teachers and instructional leaders

Refine Curriculum

A complete picture of current learning practices is presented visually to administrators so modifications can be made to ensure consistency with academic state standards and No Child Left Behind (NCLB) targets. Analyses are presented across grade levels and schools to identify gaps and duplications in curriculum and instruction that may affect student performance on achievement measures.

In the example below, the curriculum for 8th grade mathematics utilized at this school allows for the same amount of instruction time for all seven subject areas. However, state standards require 8th grade students to be able to perform a much stronger understanding of Algebraic Concepts than Measurement or Instructional Technology.

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