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Professional Services

As part of strategic and systemic planning, professional development and technical assistance result in greater instructional efficacy and improved student performance.

Learning Point Associates provides professional services that help schools and their partners more successfully align goals and practice. We offer content expertise, tools, and complementary services to help educators plan strategically and systemically. Our experience in codeveloping goals and defining outcomes with teachers, administrators, schools, and larger education systems enables us to support the process of continuous improvement.

Learning Point Associates designs and delivers professional development and technical assistance along four dimensions of effectiveness. First, professional services must be based on evidence gained from careful, systematic examination of effective practice. Second, these services must be consistent with agreed-upon goals, aligned with other school improvements, clearly articulated, and purposeful. Third, professional services must be focused on capacity building and the ultimate goal of self-sufficiency, with participants demonstrating a willingness to work together to gain new skills and understandings. Finally, professional services must be designed and implemented in accordance with a client’s unique needs and context.

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