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The resource you are looking for is no longer available because it is either outdated or has been replaced. It was developed by the North Central Regional Educational Laboratory® (NCREL®), and the five-year federal contract to operate NCREL ended in 2005. Many of the resources developed under this contract remain accessible through the Learning Point Associates website. You may contact us with questions or to inquire about resources you may need in your education work.

The U.S. Department of Education has awarded Learning Point Associates its fifth consecutive contract to operate a regional educational laboratory—this time called REL Midwest instead of the North Central—a new name for a new scope of work. Details about the new work to be conducted by all 10 regional educational laboratories will be available in the coming months on a Regional Educational Laboratory Network website.

Learning Point Associates conducts the federally funded work of the following centers that offer high-quality educational resources:

National Assistance
National Comprehensive Center for Teacher Quality
The premier national resource for research, practice, and policy related to improving teacher quality in at-risk schools.

The Center for Comprehensive School Reform and Improvement
Providing research-based strategies and assistance for school improvement.

NCLB Implementation Center
Helping schools and districts build local capacity to understand and implement NCLB requirements.

Regional Assistance
Great Lakes East Comprehensive Assistance Center
Providing regional resources for Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio.

Great Lakes West Comprehensive Assistance Center
Providing regional resources for Illinois and Wisconsin.

Midwestern Regional Educational Laboratory
A federally funded research and development resource serving the Midwest with rigorously applied research and scientifically valid resources.


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