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Announcing the National Comprehensive Center for Teacher Quality

February 21, 2006
National Comprehensive Center for Teacher Quality

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Learning Point Associates has been awarded a five-year contract for $12 million to establish the new National Comprehensive Center for Teacher Quality (NCCTQ). The center is part of the U.S. Department of Education's comprehensive center program that includes 16 regional centers and 5 national content centers. The mission of NCCTQ is to ensure a highly qualified teacher in every classroom.

Learning Point Associates, a nonprofit educational organization, forged a partnership with the Education Commission of the States (ECS), ETS, and Vanderbilt University to establish the center as a national resource for regional centers, state education agencies, and other educational stakeholders. The center will provide guidance for strengthening the quality of teaching—especially in high-poverty, low-performing, and hard-to-staff schools—as well as schools that serve students with special needs. The website, www.ncctq.org, provides interactive databases, comprehensive research studies, publications, and other resources.

Sabrina Laine, Ph.D., has been appointed as NCCTQ director. She has a diverse background in the areas of educational policy research and teacher quality and experience managing state and federal contracts to conduct research and development on topics such as school reform, technology evaluation, data-driven decision making, and closing achievement gaps.

"Research has convincingly shown that the teacher is the most important variable influencing student learning in the classroom, yet study after study demonstrates that the students with the greatest need are most often taught by teachers with the least experience," said NCCTQ Director Dr. Sabrina Laine. "NCCTQ will facilitate access to evidence-based information to ensure that policymakers create policies and programs focused on providing all students, but especially students with special needs, access to the very best teachers."

NCCTQ replaces the National Partnership for Teaching in At-Risk Schools, which was established in 2004 by Learning Point Associates, ECS, and ETS and chaired by Virginia Governor Mark Warner. By partnering with Vanderbilt University, the four organizations are poised to continue and extend the work begun by the National Partnership.

"In far too many of our underperforming schools, the teachers are more inexperienced and generally less qualified than the teachers in more successful schools," said Governor Warner. "I am confident that the new National Comprehensive Center for Teacher Quality will be able to successfully advance solutions toward the lofty goals of No Child Left Behind [NCLB], specifically for a highly qualified teacher for every student, in every classroom."

The management team, led by Dr. Laine, includes Amy Jackson, Learning Point Associates; Dan Reschly, Ph.D., Vanderbilt University; Tricia Coulter, Ph.D., ECS; and Carol Dwyer, Ph.D., ETS. An advisory board will oversee the work of NCCTQ, and a coordination panel will help coordinate its efforts with other organizations engaged in NCLB efforts specific to teacher quality.

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