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To enable school leadership teams to build a foundation based on using research and data to drive school improvement decisions. The teams will engage in the analysis and interpretation of their own data and translate the findings into specific, measurable improvement goals to enhance school improvement planning, promote student learning, and increase achievement.


Preplanning Meeting: Before the Data Retreat, a half-day preplanning meeting helps leadership teams decipher what data to collect and bring to the Data Retreat.

Data Retreat: The Data Retreat is a two-day experience dedicated to building and applying new knowledge and skills toward the creation of focused improvement goals based on evidence uncovered by the data. School teams are given specific information on processes for data analysis and interpretation. They also are provided with opportunities to apply these processes using school and/or district data.

Who Attends

District and school administrators, teacher leaders, special education teacher leaders, curriculum specialists, and guidance counselors.

Participants Learn to

  • Analyze and interpret four types of school data—student achievement, demographic, program, and perception—in order to identify patterns and trends.
  • Develop clear, measurable, attainable goals for improvement based on concrete findings from their data.
  • Develop specific research-based strategies, build timelines, and assign roles or tasks to team members.


Participants receive a Participant's Guide, which provides resources used throughout the Data Retreat. These resources can be continually applied within the school setting after the Data Retreat.

Research Base

Research indicates the need to provide specific training in the use of data for school improvement and formal school improvement planning.


$8,000, plus $40 per participant for materials. Additional participants can be added for $300 per person. (Cost is based on a group size of up to 40 participants and does not include facilitator travel.)

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