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Using Reading Assessment to Drive Improvement


To empower schools to look at assessment not merely as evaluation but also as diagnostic, summative, and formative events that inform and drive teaching and learning. The impact of effective assessment systems is that teachers can make decisions based on data rather than hunches.


This two-day workshop contains a blend of lecture and small- group activities and may be completed over the course of one school day. The workshop may be conducted in small- or large-group settings, in hands-on and/or lecture format, depending on client need. Group size could vary from 25 to 100 participants.

Who Attends

This program is geared towards Reading First school staff members, including principals, assistant principals, teachers, reading specialists, and reading coaches.

Participants Learn to

  • Choose assessments that align to curriculum and instruction.
  • Implement a variety of assessment types.
  • Use the results of assessments to guide instruction.


$4,000, plus $15 per participant for materials. (Cost is based on a group size of up to 40 participants and does not include facilitator travel.)

For Information or Scheduling

Call 800-252-0283.


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