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Instructional Strategies and Coaching in Mathematics


The purpose of this technical assistance is to enable teachers to select and successfully implement instructional strategies in mathematics that target student performance in a variety of settings.

The No Child Left Behind Act is forcing districts to look at areas where achievement gains are low and, in turn, implement strategies to improve achievement. Teaching quality is directly linked to student achievement.


A combination of workshops and coaching in which a facilitator meets with small groups of participants and individuals. The technical assistance is most successful when implemented in a targeted fashion with multiple visits over the course of a school year.

Who Attends

Professional development leaders and teachers.

Participants Learn to

  • Use several research-based instructional strategies with a variety of learning populations.
  • Select the most appropriate strategies for the content.
  • Build strategies into daily lesson planning.


Cost varies greatly depending on scope. A workshop with several follow-up visits typically ranges from $10,000 to $20,000.

For Information or Scheduling

Call 800-252-0283.


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