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Teacher and Teaching Quality
Professional Development

Lesson Study


To support increased student learning through the formation of small Lesson Study teams of teachers who work together to plan, teach, observe, debrief, and refine a single lesson that is challenging to teach and difficult for students to understand.


Primarily offered as a one- or two-day workshop for teachers, facilitators, and professional developers. Advanced workshops and customized follow-up are available.

Who Attends

Teachers interested in collaborating with colleagues to improve instruction.

Participants Learn to

Implement the Lesson Study model among groups of teachers.

Research Base

Teacher to Teacher: Reshaping Instruction Through Lesson Study is the accompanying guide, along with other print and Web-based tools, articles, and research.


$2,100 to $4,000, plus $29.95 per participant for materials. (Cost is based on a group size of up to 40 participants and does not include facilitator travel.)

For Information or Scheduling

Call 800-252-0283.


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