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To provide content-area coaches with tools and strategies to support teacher and student learning. Specifically, this program develops both hard and soft skills for working with adult learners, building effective teams geared toward systemic reform, and approaching both group and one-on-one coaching.


A one- to two-day workshop that includes a blend of lecture, modeling, and small-group problem solving and role playing.

Who Attends

Content-area coaches, department heads, and principals. Assistant principals, teachers, and curriculum specialists also could benefit from this workshop.

Participants Learn to

  • Manage difficult coaching situations.
  • Implement strong coaching practices.
  • Use coaching to increase the learning and achievement of students.


$2,100 to $4,000, plus $15 per participant for materials. (Cost is based on a group size of up to 40 participants and does not include facilitator travel.)

For Information or Scheduling

Call 800-252-0283.


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