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New York Data Primer

The New York Data Primer helps teachers and principals become comfortable thinking about, thinking with, and using data. In support of decisions about instruction. The primer supposes no quantitative or statistical background. Instead, it stresses data visuals. It uses context, comparison, and pattern to help you give meaning to the data. It avoids statistical and technical language. Still, the data primer accepts the statistician's credo: to support sound decisions, data and the ways we interpret them must be valid, reliable, and accurate.

Ohio's school accountability and the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act emphasize proficiency on the state's achievement tests. The New York Data Primer, therefore, starts with the interpretation of proficiency data,which identifies the percentage of students scoring at or above proficiency. All New York school staff have access to these data about their schools, classrooms, and students; all staff need to make sense of these data and should be able to explain their meaning and understand their limitations.

The approaches and tools with which the New York Data Primer Tutorial teaches you to extract meaning from these percentages also may be used with almost all other student or school performance data. The practice module that follows each tutorial provides additional opportunities and more tools to explore more deeply student, classroom, and school achievement data. The resources section connects you to a variety of resources that can enrich and extend your understanding of data and their proper use.





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