A Teacher's Quick Guide to the Illinois HOUSSE and Options for Working Toward Meeting the NCLB Highly Qualified Teacher Provision, 2005 (Adobe® Reader® PDF 319 KB)

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Leadership Gap Analysis Tool
The NCLB Implementation Center's framework considers ongoing data-driven decision making, results-based professional development, cultural proficiency and closing the achievement gaps, and professional learning communities as means to leadership development. The Leadership Gap Analysis Tool (LGAT), a research-based tool, was developed to help school districts determine the area of focus for leadership development, including instructional leadership and professional development planning. The LGAT is designed to help your district determine hard-and-fast assessment needs and gain focus without expending enormous time, resources, and energy. The tool is completed by a representative sample of district administrative staff, school principals, and teachers as a timely and cost-effective measure. For additional information on how the NCLB Implementation Center can help your district through technical assistance and the Leadership Gap Analysis Tool, please contact us or phone 800-252-0283.

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