Areas of Expertise


Mathematics and Science

Powerful Practices in Mathematics and Science

Learning Point Associates, through its mathematics and science work, has designed and delivered professional development and consulting services to meet the needs of thousands of educators during the past 20 years.

We offer workshops and coaching support to improve systems and promote quality instruction at the state, district, and school levels. Working collaboratively with our clients, we build capacity for sustained education improvement by advancing teaching and learning through the following:

Providing Research-Based Customized Services and Professional Development
Support best practices by fostering mathematics and science teachers' long-term commitments to professional growth, helping schools evaluate and communicate about their practices, and providing direct interactions with experts.

Reaching Underserved Students
Identify and address the needs of underserved students through conferences, collaborative networks, and intensive professional development activities for teachers of those students.

Fostering Collaboration
Bring together teachers, school board members, administrators, and state-level policymakers—not just in one community but across states and regions.

Advancing Through Technology
Provide activities and resources to support the effective integration of computer and telecommunications technology in the classroom.


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