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Photographs of students and molecule model.Asian boy using math manipulatives. Photos by Steven E. Gross and Associates.
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Scenarios on This Web Site

This Web page is designed to supplement the nine scenarios contained on the Blueprints CD-ROM.The scenarios provide brief descriptions of common professional development needs in schools. Each scenario is linked to a sequence of recommended activities and tools, suggesting one way in which facilitators can use the Blueprints CD-ROM to address these needs.

Currently, the following supplemental scenario is contained on this Web site:

Scenarios on the CD-ROM

The Blueprints CD-ROM includes nine scenarios accessible on the CD-ROM from the "Scenarios" option on the Main Menu Screen. They include the following:

  1. How Can Curriculum Development Go Beyond Textbook Adoption?
  2. How Can Inquiry Be Used as an Instructional Approach?
  3. How Can More Effective Professional Development Take Place "On the Job"?
  4. How Can Professional Development Lead to More Accountability for Improved Teaching and Learning?
  5. How Can the Examination of Student Work More Effectively Inform Teaching Practice?
  6. How Do We Address the "System" When Designing Professional Development?
  7. How Is a Comprehensive Professional Development Plan Created?
  8. What Does Engaging, Standards-Based Instruction Look Like?
  9. What Professional Development "Content" Is Valuable to Teacher Leaders?
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