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Photographs of students and molecule model.Asian boy using math manipulatives. Photos by Steven E. Gross and Associates.
Group Processes
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Group Processes on This Web Site

This Web page is designed to supplement the 22 group processes contained on the Blueprints CD-ROM.

Currently, templates for the following supplemental group processes are contained on this Web site:

Group Processes on the CD-ROM

The Blueprints CD-ROM includes 22 group processes. These group processes are accessible from the "Group Processes" option on the Main Menu Screen. The group processes support various forms of discussion and interaction. All are illustrated and include notes, support materials, and the tools needed to facilitate them. Custom designs of some of the group processes used in Blueprints activities are provided. A template is also provided to help users tailor any group process to better meet educators' specific needs.

The group processes included on the CD-ROM are the following:

  1. Analysis and Discussion of Rubric or Survey
  2. Analysis and Discussion of Text Passages
  3. Carousel Brainstorm
  4. Case Analysis and Discussion
  5. Creating Visual Representations
  6. Critical Friend Review
  7. Development and/or Use of a Rubric or Survey
  8. Four-Box Synectics
  9. Interview Design
  10. Jigsaw
  11. K-W-H-L
  12. Magnetic Words
  13. Mingle
  14. Paired Verbal Fluency
  15. Point and Counterpoint
  16. Pyramidal Process
  17. Read and Reflect
  18. 3-2-1 Reflection
  19. Role Play, Simulation, or Game
  20. Storyboarding
  21. Think-Pair-Share
  22. Three-Step Interview
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