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Photographs of students and molecule model.Asian boy using math manipulatives. Photos by Steven E. Gross and Associates.
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Blueprints: A Practical Toolkit for Designing and Facilitating Professional Development

WelcomeBlueprints CD-ROM and package

The Blueprints CD-ROM is a practical toolkit for novice and experienced professional developers to help them design and facilitate effective professional development experiences for schools and districts.


Introduction. The introductory video describes Blueprints' purposes, uses, and benefits. Facilitators, teachers, and students demonstrate the relationship between effective professional development and meaningful student learning.

Scenarios. The scenarios provide brief descriptions of common professional development needs in schools. Each scenario is linked to a sequence of recommended activities and tools, suggesting one way in which facilitators can use Blueprints to address these needs.

Activities. Nearly 80 activities—rich with mathematics, science, and technology applications—are offered in the areas of professional development, curriculum, instruction, and assessment. Each activity represents a "blueprint" for accomplishing a specific purpose. Written as facilitator notes, each activity is linked to resources, group processes, other activities, and the tools needed to conduct the activity or adapt it to better meet educators' needs.

Group Processes. The 22 group processes support various forms of discussion and interaction. All are illustrated and include notes, support materials, and the tools needed to facilitate them. Custom designs of some of the group processes used in Blueprints' activities are provided. A template also is provided to help users tailor any group process to better meet educators' specific needs.

Templates. The templates are tools that help facilitators design professional development activities, create journals and portfolios, and work with educators to create comprehensive professional development plans.

Resources. More than 300 print and multimedia resources are integrated into Blueprints activities. They can be viewed by topic, media, author, and region. All are linked to resource information. The Blueprints Web site, which supports the CD-ROM's numerous links to the World Wide Web, also can be accessed from the resources section.

Credits. This section lists each of the Eisenhower Mathematics and Science Consortia, the Eisenhower National Clearinghouse, and the many individuals and groups that collaborated to develop and produce Blueprints.


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