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Photographs of students and molecule model.Asian boy using math manipulatives. Photos by Steven E. Gross and Associates.
Group Processes
Blueprints booklet



Activities on This Web Site

This Web page is designed to supplement the nearly 80 activities contained on the Blueprints CD-ROM.

Currently, the following supplemental activity is contained on this Web site:

Additionally, the following handouts for use with the above activity are also available:

Activities on the CD-ROM

Nearly 80 activities—rich with mathematics, science, and technology applications—are offered in the areas of professional development, curriculum, instruction, and assessment. Each activity represents a "blueprint" for accomplishing a specific purpose. Written as facilitator notes, each activity is linked to resources, group processes, other activities, and the tools needed to conduct the activity or adapt it to better meet educators' needs.

These activities are accessible on the CD-ROM from the "Activities" option on the Main Menu Screen. The activities included are divided into the following four groups:

  1. Providing Effective Professional Development
  2. Crafting Meaningful Curriculum
  3. Refining Instructional Activities
  4. Making Informed Assessment Decisions


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