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Pathways for All Students to Succeed (PASS)

The PASS ACT—Reading to Succeed Title I, Pathways for All Students to Succeed Title II, and Fostering Successful Secondary Schools Title III

PASS Act proposal letter
U.S. Senator Patty Murray's Bill Summary
The PASS Act Would Fund Literacy Coaching and Other Literacy Efforts
Alliance for Excellent Education Policy Brief
U.S. Senator Patty Murray's Senator Murray's Remarks

This proposed legislation contains a variety of initiatives that would assist in providing support to secondary schools. This legislation provides the Secretary of Education with additional power to assist secondary schools.

Reading to Succeed Title I
The Reading to Succeed initiative builds upon the success of Reading First provision of The No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act. It provides funding for the support of research-based initiatives at the secondary level. The following is a brief synopsis of the highlights contained in this legislation.

Literacy Coaching
Read to Succeed proposes funding for the employment of literacy coaches at an average ratio of 1 coach per 20 teachers. Duties of these coaches may vary but will encompass support to institute research-based instruction, coordination of programs and curricular materials, assistance in identification of struggling students, and the infusion of literacy instruction throughout the content areas.

Capacity Building
Read to Succeed endorses the provision of professional development programs for purchase and coordination of materials that strengthen the curricula in the areas of reading and writing.

Funding may also be used to implement diagnostic assessment, when necessary, to ascertain where assistance is needed and for intervention programs to assist struggling students get on track.

Pathways for All Students to Succeed (PASS) Title II, S. 1554
This portion of the proposed legislation suggests funding for:

  1. Hiring academic counselors (150:1 ratio) to assist in academic planning for all students, including English language learners (ELLs). Part of this planning includes six-year plans with personal and academic goals.
  2. Parents in the process of creating these plans, as well as implementing them in conjunction with the students.
  3. Empowering academic counselors to leverage and seek out resources to make these student plans a reality.

Fostering Successful Secondary Schools Title III
This program focuses funding on providing successful environments for at-risk adolescents. Moneys can be used to institute a comprehensive school reform program, create small schools or schools within schools as well as fund rigorous evaluation programs to identify successful behaviors and impediments to progress.


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