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Adolescent Literacy Instruction

Think Ahead, Predict, Plan, Question

Think About, Reflect, Connect, Revise

Think Back, Review, Reflect, Share

This section offers both research and practice information on fostering successful reading practices in adolescent students. A section with research-based strategies that offers examples and advice is included as well as information on reading behaviors. Research papers and bibliographies for aspects of literacy are also available.

Reading Strategies
A listing of instructional strategies, including procedures, examples, and research citations


Culturally Responsive Instruction: Promoting Literacy in Secondary Content Areas (by Patricia Ruggiano Schmidt, 2005)

Ten Years of Research On Adolescent Literacy, 1994–2004: A Review (by Stephen Phelps, 2005)

Moving Beyond the Obvious: Examining Our Thinking About Linguistically Diverse Students (by Robert T. Jiménez, 2005)

Differentiation Through Flexible Grouping: Successfully Reaching All Readers (by Michael P. Ford, December 2005)

Quick Key 10 Action Guide: Using Student Engagement to Improve Adolescent Literacy (2005)

Seeing Themselves as Capable and Engaged Readers: Adolescents and Re/Meditated Instruction (by Donna E. Alvermann, Ph.D., November 2003)

Using Multiple Texts to Teach Content (by Cynthia Hynd Shanahan, Ed.D., December 2003)

Using Young-Adult Literature to Enhance Comprehension in the Content Areas (by Thomas W. Bean, Ph.D., December 2003)


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