The Center on Instruction (COI) has released a new resource that addresses the challenges faced by English language learners (ELLs), who must acquire the content knowledge necessary for academic success while simultaneously developing their English language competency. Effective Practices for English Language Learners: Principals from Five States Speak examines key practices of principals from 49 schools that have achieved excellent academic success. This resource has taken on the challenging task of describing both research and successful practices and the connections between the two. In the document, COI acknowledges that research has not gone far enough to identify “effective, high-quality instructional strategies or about school contexts that promote ELLs’ academic development.” In an effort fill this gap, COI identifies the characteristics of school practices that have experienced success for ELL students.

Specific examples of strategies that you have seen achieve success with ELL students would make this conversation richer. Please share any examples or strategies that would help others working to succeed with ELL populations.

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