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The National Comprehensive Center for Teacher Quality had recently release the Policy-to-Practice Brief Alternative Measures of Teacher Performance. This new brief introduces five current examples of measures of teacher performance. Recent national policy initiatives have led to many states and districts re-thinking their teacher evaluation systems. Alternative Measures of Teacher Performance was created to assist regional comprehensive centers and state education agencies in building local capacity to incorporate the use of alternative measures of teacher performance into the overhaul of state evaluation systems—especially in states with looming legislative deadlines. How could alternative measures of teacher performance inform policy decisions in your state or district?

The National High School Center (NHSC) and the National Secondary Transition Technical Assistance Center recently prepared an annotated bibliography to identify articles that address high school redesign as it relates to students with disabilities or the role of special education’s redesign initiatives. The publication Special Education in High School Redesign was released last month and includes a robust list of special education and general education articles. Special Education in High School Redesign is organized around the NHSC’s Eight Elements of High School Improvement: A Mapping Framework (National High School Center, 2011) to ensure the document covers a comprehensive set of resources that address the key systemic elements of high school improvement. This includes a table listing each resource, the type of source (intervention study, research product, product/tool), and the “elements” it aligns to. After the table, each publication is annotated with bulleted points about what that resource includes.