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The National Center on Response to Intervention (NCRTI) has released a new resource, Essential Components of RTI – A Closer Look at Response to Intervention, to help states and districts that are planning response to intervention (RTI) efforts. The new brief provides research- and evidence-based guidance on planning and implementing a comprehensive RTI framework. NCRTI provides a working definition of RTI and discusses the essential components of RTI. The brief also includes a frequently asked questions section as well as relevant embedded questions within the narrative.

What hurdles have you experienced in implementing RTI? What successes have you experienced? What information or assistance would help you overcome these hurdles or improve upon your successes?

The Great Lakes West Comprehensive Center has released the most recent issue of our quarterly e-newsletter, Your ACCESS to the Region. This issue focuses on educator effectiveness and evaluation, including resources from the National Comprehensive Center for Teacher Quality (TQ Center) and an interview with TQ Center Deputy Director Tricia Coulter, Ph.D. This thought-provoking exchange is Great Lakes West’s first expert interview, and we think it is an exciting opportunity. Please let us know your thoughts on the interview and on possible topics for the future as we look for additional interesting ways to have conversations about the issues that are most important in our region.