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Recently, a new education reform Bill was introduced by the Wisconsin education legislative chairs, Representative Kestell and Senator Olsen and is based on the work of the Read to Lead, Educator Effectiveness, and Accountability Task force work which took place during 2011.

The major elements of the bill include:

  • Establishing a Read to Lead Development Council
  • Identifying struggling reading and ensuring teachers are prepared to serve those students
  • Creating a fair evaluation system for teachers and principals
  • Aligning legislation with elements of the Elementary and Secondary Education Waiver

Governor Walker and Superintendent Evers released announcements on the progress made with the proposed legislation.

Over the last year Great Lakes West supported DPI in all three task forces by facilitating the task force meetings and bringing experts to the table. Great Lakes West congratulates Wisconsin on creating a collaborative process which led to high quality recommendations, and will continue to work with Wisconsin DPI as it transforms education in the state.

As everyone else prepared for Thanksgiving, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) introduced a new website with Wisconsin’s Vision for Response to Intervention. This website includes the three essential elements of response to intervention (RTI) in Wisconsin: high-quality instruction, balanced assessment, and collaboration. The new website also launches a guidance document on RTI from DPI, Wisconsin Response to Intervention: A Guiding Document. The guidance document defines RTI and what makes RTI in Wisconsin distinct from other states and then goes on to describe each of the components of Wisconsin’s RTI vision. One of the most practical aspects of the guide is the information and resources it provides to help a district that is beginning to implement RTI.

The new website provides accessible information and resources that are aimed at districts and classrooms in Wisconsin and is intended to go beyond the common definitions of a three-tiered system to the principles and components that DPI feels are important to implementing an RTI system successfully.

Great Lakes West has supported this work with Wisconsin for more than a year and a half. However, completion of the vision does not mean our work is over; Great Lakes West will continue to support Wisconsin in their RTI efforts, and, as Wisconsin State Manager Anna Koelln put it, “Now the work can really begin!”