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On June 2–3, the National Comprehensive Center for Teacher Quality hosted a workshop to build the capacity of participants to make informed policy decisions about leadership strategies that serve to support effective teaching. The two-day workshop, Leadership Strategies to Support Effective Teaching, brought together regional comprehensive center staff and state representatives from 25 states, the District of Columbia, and Palau. The goal of the workshop was for state and regional teams to share information, work on team building, and build state capacity. Regional and state teams worked with representatives from their regional comprehensive center to develop high-quality leadership evaluation systems, empower leaders to create strong teacher evaluation systems, link systems to professional development, and distribute high-quality leaders equitably across districts and states.

The Great Lakes West Comprehensive Center supported a team from Wisconsin during team work sessions, presentations, and concurrent sessions. The Wisconsin team included representatives from the Department of Public Instruction, the Wisconsin Association of School Administrators, and a Wisconsin Center for Education Research researcher who is supporting the statewide educator effectiveness task force. The workshop was an opportunity to ask questions of the “leading states” represented on the various panels. The team used the event to gather information and ideas to inform their current work in making recommendations for redesigning the state’s teacher and principal evaluation system.

Continued from Welcome to a New Year and New Priorities

The purpose and mission of Great Lakes West has not changed—we will continue to work with the state education agencies (SEAs) and their stakeholders in Illinois and Wisconsin to build SEA capacity to serve districts and schools.

What will not change because of the new priorities? The center will not abandon current work with Illinois and Wisconsin, nor will it pressure or pursue work with the states to address comprehensive center priorities that are not aligned with state priorities for our work. As the center continues planned work alongside the SEAs, we also will continue working with the national content centers and rely on those centers as experts in their content area.

For the past four and one-half years, we have used the comprehensive center priorities as themes and organizers for a lot of our communication and planning. You will see a shift toward the new federal priorities in these areas. Following are several areas in which this change will be visible:

  • The resources on the Great Lakes West website are being reorganized and updated to be more closely aligned. If you know of a good resource related to one of the priorities that we might want to add to these resources, please e-mail us.
  • Newsletter resources, events, and news will be more closely aligned to the federal priorities. Across the Nation news will be organized by the new priorities, as they have been in the past.
  • Future blog posts will be organized by categories aligned with the new priorities.
  • Our upcoming Research Library also will reflect organization based on the new priorities. This will be a searchable online library of research that is relevant to our work and will be available to the public soon. If you know of high-quality research related to one of the priorities that we might want to add to the library, please e-mail us.
  • Finally, when we talk about our work, whatever the venue, we will talk about how that work relates to the priorities and how the priorities support increased state capacity to provide technical assistance to districts and schools.

Throughout the past five years, all of the comprehensive centers, Great Lakes West included, have worked to build an understanding of who we are and what work we do. As our priorities shift for the upcoming year, that goal has become even more important. If there are any questions about the priorities that these two posts have not answered, or anything else related to this topic that you would like information on, please submit a comment below, and we will do our best to respond with the most accurate information we have.