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Wisconsin Teacher Quality

Wisconsin Initial Educator Seminar

The Wisconsin Initial Educator Seminar was held on June 25–26, 2007. Great Lakes West Comprehensive Center and the National Comprehensive Center for Teacher Quality staff met in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, with representatives from numerous educational organizations from across the state. Stakeholders represented included the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI); Wisconsin Education Association Council; Wisconsin Association of School District Administrators; and several cooperative educational service agencies, universities, and school districts.

The purpose of the two-day meeting was to provide the Wisconsin DPI with needs-sensing information and next steps to more effectively carry out initial educator and mentor programs throughout the state. The seminar had a research-rich and ambitious agenda throughout which participants tackled their charge without hesitation and accomplished a great deal in a short time. The seminar used research and data from the initial educator and mentor surveys conducted earlier in June to identify key benefits to initial educator and mentor programs, help form messages to communicate these benefits with various audiences in Wisconsin, and create actionable plans for their represented stakeholder groups to help them move this issue forward.

By the end of the second day, participants were ready to return to their organizations with the message of improved teacher induction in Wisconsin. The event seemed to be an overall success for all parties involved. The Wisconsin DPI Teacher Education, Professional Development, and Licensing team, which cohosted the event with Great Lakes West, was excited to begin planning and implementing the work, and it is likely that there will be a similar seminar held next year. Key benefits and next steps from this seminar are accessible through the navigation bar at the left.


The information on this website was provided by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.