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Wisconsin Teacher Quality

Initial Educator Support Seminar Resources

A wealth of resources and information was recommended to participants at the Initial Educator Support Seminar in June 2007. These resources on initial educator and mentoring research, policies, programs, and effectiveness were selected by the National Comprehensive Center for Teacher Quality (NCCTQ) and the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI). Available recommended resources from NCCTQ follow.

Resources From National Comprehensive Center on Teaching Quality

Teaching Policy to Improve Student Learning: Lessons From Abroad—The Aspen Institute %7BDEB6F227-659B-4EC8-8F84-8DF23CA704F5%7D/ Ed_Lessons_from_Abroad.pdf

Teacher Induction in the Midwest: Illinois, Wisconsin, and Ohio—New Teacher Center, May 2005

Is Mentoring Worth the Money? A Benefit-Cost Analysis and Five-Year Rate of Return of a Comprehensive Mentoring Program for Beginning Teachers—The New Teacher Center, 2007 Is_Mentoring_worth_the_Money.pdf

Induction, Mentoring, and Teacher Retention: A Summary of the Research—The New Teacher Center, July/September 2005 (The New Educator, 1(3), 181–198) [available at a charge]

What Are the Effects of Induction and Mentoring on Beginning Teacher Turnover?—American Educational Research Journal, 41(3), 681–714, Fall 2004

Designing Effective Professional Development: Lessons From the Eisenhower Program—U.S. Department of Education, October 1999

Professional Development and Teacher Learning: Mapping the Terrain—Educational Researcher, 33(8), 3–15, November 2004 Journals/Educational_Researcher/Volume_33_No_8/02_ERv33n8_Borko.pdf

Research Matters/Improving Teacher Induction—Educational Leadership, 62(8), 76–78, May 2005

Supporting Beginning Teachers With Heart and Mind: A Decade of Lessons Learned From the Santa Cruz New Teacher Project—The New Teacher Center

Resources From the Wisconsin DPI

Quality Induction: An Investment in Teachers—The New Teacher Center

The Cost of Teacher Turnover in Five School Districts: A Pilot Study—National Commission on Teaching and America's Future turnover/documents/CTTFullReportfinal.pdf

Making the Case for Teacher Induction—How High-Quality Support for New Educators Can Strengthen Teacher Quality in Illinois—The Joyce Foundation

Supporting a High Quality Induction Program—The Joyce Foundation

Teaching Inequality: How Poor and Minority Students Are Shortchanged on Teacher Quality—The Education Trust, June 2006 010DBD9F-CED8-4D2B-9E0D-91B446746ED3/0/TQReportJune2006.pdf

Eight Questions on Teacher Recruitment and Retention: What Does Research Say?—Education Commission of the States, September 2005 trrreport/home/TeacherRecruitmentRetention.pdf

Induction Into Learning Communities—National Commission on Teaching and America's Future, August 2005

State-Level Policy Considerations to Increase Student Learning—The Joyce Foundation


The information on this website was provided by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.