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Wisconsin Record of Service

October 2009

Great Lakes West State Manager: Al Hovey

Great Lakes West has a collaborative, consultative approach to technical assistance. Work within identified focus areas often develops over time. As work develops or state and national priorities change, Great Lakes West may need to adapt its work to meet state needs. Following is an update on recent work with the Illinois State Board of Education.

English Language Arts and Mathematics Standards
Wisconsin is closely watching the development of the Common Core Standards Initiative college and career readiness standards for mathematics and reading, writing, and communication. Grade-level standards, which are expected to be completed in 2010, are also eagerly anticipated. Great Lakes West continues to support DPI through discussions on appropriate implementation of state standards.

Statewide Systems of Support
Great Lakes West provided DPI with available research on high-leverage strategies and the implications they will have on statewide systems of support. Although the research material informed DPI's work team, the team is presently focused on its application for Section 1003(g) funds. As a result, larger group conversations have not been scheduled and will be revisited in following the completion of the 1003(g) application.

Teacher Quality
Educator effectiveness has certainly become the theme of Great Lakes West's efforts in this area. Two major events that involve Great Lakes West and build on previous work are upcoming.

Representatives from Wisconsin's statewide educational agencies and organizations, as well as those from each of Wisconsin's educator preparation programs, have been invited to a Quality Matters Conference on November 6 hosted by the University of Wisconsin System. This conference serves as a follow-up to the Wisconsin Research Seminar, which was held in June 2009 and dealt with educator effectiveness. The Quality Matters Conference is intended to promote in-depth, focused conversations based on the following questions about effective teaching practices:

  • How do we define what it means to be an effective teacher?
  • What evidence is or should be offered as documentation that teacher-candidates (i.e., future initial educators) are effective?
  • What does it take to sustain teacher effectiveness throughout a professional career?

In late October, a team from Great Lakes West will attend the Fourth Annual What Works Conference: "Beyond Highly Qualified: The Development and Distribution of Highly Effective Teachers and Leaders" sponsored by the National Comprehensive Center for Teacher Quality (TQ Center). This year's conference will focus on helping regions and states further their efforts on the critical teacher quality themes of educator effectiveness, the equitable distribution of teachers, the development of teacher leaders, and individualized teaching for struggling students.


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