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Wisconsin Record of Service

October 2008

Great Lakes West State Manager: Al Hovey

High School Redesign
Great Lakes West continues to provide assistance to the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) on developing the high school redesign website, Designing High Schools for Success. The website will include resources and links that support the four major recommendations of the State Superintendent's High School Task Force Report: authentic learning, innovation, lifelong learning plan, and partnerships. It will be useful for various stakeholders: policymakers, community, families, and educators. The website designers anticipate that the website will become available soon. The Great Lakes West website will have a link available when the new site becomes live.

Great Lakes West staff and four cross-divisional DPI staff members attended the Regional High School Dialogue "Multiple Pathways to Graduation" on September 10 and 11, 2008. Participants increased their awareness of strategies to improve student engagement—a factor in dropout prevention—and examined challenges that might inhibit the development and implementation of multiple pathways to graduation. The latest research on multiple pathways drove the meeting to a considerable extent, and the National High School Center presented a new planning tool for high school redesign. This tool, Eight Elements of High School Improvement: A Mapping Framework, provides more information on the topic and forms part of this issue's feature article.

Teacher Quality
Updates from the data and research seminars held this past summer are now available on the Great Lakes West Wisconsin Teacher Quality website. Also available are presentation materials from both seminars, and the 2008 survey results will appear on the site soon.

Statewide System of Support
Great Lakes West and DPI staff attended the annual CII conference on September 22–23 in Chicago. Participants familiarized themselves with technical assistance available from CII on restructuring or turnarounds, supplemental educational services, and statewide systems of support. Participants had ample opportunity to meet and interact with researchers, comprehensive center staff, and state personnel.

Great Lakes West, along with Regional Educational Laboratory (REL) Midwest, is assisting Wisconsin DPI with its new assessment task force. Great Lakes West and REL Midwest will provide information about how other states are changing their assessment systems to include critical thinking, creativity, and application of skills to real-world problems, workplace or college readiness, and 21st century skills.

Specifically, State Superintendent Elizabeth Burmaster asked the task force to make recommendations on the following issues: